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Holiday Lights Groups and Party Specials!

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The Holidays are a perfect time for parties! Have a great get-away for your staff, church group, extended family, or a birthday party!  
Basic Party (perfect for kids): 
$235 Party (a $300 value!) includes admission for 15, hostess bus ride through lights displays and food for animals, cake, 15 small bags of animal food and guided time in the Santa’s Babies area, and a gift (suitable for a birthday child). Additional participants $10 each, max. 
30. Party begins at 4 PM at Santa’s Village.  
Party Plus (perfect for kids): 
$ 270 Party (a $355 value!) includes all of the above plus a hot dog dinner for each guest. Additional participants $14 each, max 30. Party begins at 4 PM at Santa’s Village.   
Group Holiday Party (perfect for adults/families): 
$190 (a $210 value!) includes admission for 15 and bus ride through lights, animal food, reserved tent space in Santa’s Village. Additional guests $ 6.00 each, max 30. Group Parties must begin by 5 PM.   
Group Lights Experience (perfect for staff parties/ large families): 
$150 (a $170 value) includes admission for 15, guided bus tour through lights, food for animals in the Deer Forest. Additional guests $6.00 each, max. 30. Group Lights Experiences must begin by 5 PM.  

When booking a party or group Holiday Lights Experience, please keep in mind the following:  
  • You may bring in your own food and decorations for parties, but no balloons due to the need to protect our animals. 
  • Reserved table seating is only guaranteed when booking a party. 
  • Events must start on time to allow enough time for your group to gather at Santa’s village, and board the bus to ride to the front of the lights line.  
  • Santa’s Village has gift shopping areas and additional items available for purchase. Tickets are purchased at the entrance to Santa’s village for these items. Tickets are $ 1 each with discounts as follows: 12 tickets for $10, 24 tickets for $20, 36 tickets for $30, 50 tickets for $40. 

The list below is a guideline - prices and items available are subject to change.
  • Hot dog- 2 tickets
  • Pretzels - 3 tickets 
  • Drink- 1 ticket ♦ Nachos- 3 tickets 
  • Chips- 1 ticket ♦ Animal food – 1-5 tickets
  • Hot Cocoa- 1 ticket ♦ Animal Baby Bottles– 1 ticket 
  • Marshmallows- 1 ticket ♦ Photos with Santa – 6 tickets 
Packages valid for the 2016-2017 Lights Season through Jan. 2, 2017 
Call to Schedule: (864)472-2038
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